Interior Design trends for 2017

Interior Design and Décor has always been something of a passionate hobby for me and after ringing in the New Year, my thoughts wandered to updating my own interior space. Implementing the following trends can be as easy as updating scatter cushion covers, bringing in new accessories or repainting a feature wall. Budget friendly and adaptable to most homes, here are some of my key trends for 2017 to help create a beautiful home.


The Polygon shape of 2017! Often described as “nature’s perfect shape,” hexagons can be seen in a variety of patterns from beehives to snowflakes. Their influence is also seen in design. Hexagonal prints, side tables, décor accessories and more permanent fixtures, a hexagonal shelving unit anyone? Hexagons can bring a sense of abstract minimalism into your décor. To be used either in a symmetrical or asymmetric arrangement, you will be seeing a lot more of them to come.


Brass for a long time has been one of my most adored finishes. This year will bring a move away from the popular rose copper hues of 2016 into the warmer aesthetic of brass.  Retailers have started to combine the hexagon shape trend with brass finishes for decorative items such as tea light holders and lanterns. Personally I like to combine warm brass lanterns against a Scandinavian-inspired white interior to bring a sense warmth and soft opulence into a room.


Faux Fur, Mohair, Velvets and other luxurious soft materials will continue strong throughout the year. Use a jewel coloured velvet fabric for a feature wall or a variety of materials for your scatter cushions at home; mix and match textures create a sense of comfort, relaxation and warmth. Combine these textures with soft lighting to for a perfect ambience.

Green and Tropical Leaf

Green continues to grow this year, with the new ‘Greenery’ colour being named as Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’ for 2017, it is a perfect opportunity to combine greens with a dramatic tropical print. From vibrant green accents to dark lush green upholstery, this colour palette is a perfect combination for an impressive tropical leaf wallpaper or a more subtle nod to the trend with single leaf framed print. Be careful to not overdo this trend though, you’re aiming for impressive rather than oppressive!

Additional Trends:

Terracotta will be everywhere from exposed brickwork for cladding a fireplace or new terracotta coloured tiles for your kitchen

Upholstered Headboards; make a statement in your bedroom with this trend. Experiment with fabrics and shapes to create the right look and feel for your room.


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