February Love Fest- Scandinavian Interiors

Each month I will try to showcase a particular interior design style that inspires me and this month that is Scandinavian interiors.

I feel that this interior style is easy to reproduce in any home from the clean lines of the furniture, the fresh approach to styling and the practical application into most rooms.

What I love most about nordic interiors are the colours; the soft greys, crisp whites soothe me after a hard day in the office. I must admit I like to keep my home spotlessly clean and having an almost all white interior encourages this. Yes, it takes a little more effect to keep on top of however, the end result is satisfying to see.

Within Scandinavian inspired interiors, you rarely see wall to wall carpets, instead, soft rugs are laid down. Comfort under foot. Rugs help bring together a space.

Ensure you use the correct size rug for your room. Aim for symmetry when placing your furniture and if you have the space ensure it can all fit onto the rug or at least the front legs of your chairs and sofa.rugs

If not, try placing a rug under your coffee table and footstool to group together the furniture which is pleasing to the eye.

Most Scandinavian interiors feature  hardwood floors and a rug adds depth into your room whilst keeping the space from feeling too clinical and cold.

Let’s not forget to include some gorgeous plants too. white-and-plants I find that within an almost all white interior, plants and flowers really stand out. I like to showcase spring tulips with their lush green leaves or a  Dracaena plant  to bring a touch of nature into your home.

In regards to styling, less is more. There is no room for clutter or masses of trinkets within this style. The idea is to keep is stylishly simple and sophisticated, which  is easy to keep on top of when you have a busy lifestyle.

Textures also play a key role.  texture-2 As the décor is crisp and clean, you have an opportunity to use more luxurious organic textures. Covered feather and down scatter cushions with a soft bulky tassel edging,  soft faux fur throws draped over a couch and knitted wool wrapped footstools brings warmth into the style combined with the soft glow of candles, can transform a clean and minimal day look into still an inviting and cosy mood for evenings.

With a mostly natural colour scheme, don’t be afraid to add some colour to. Adding a few colourful scatter cushions or hanging a stunning piece of artwork will also create interest and allow your pieces to really stand out.



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