Sideboard Styling – Mini Blog Post #1

How to use less objects to create maximum impact

I am often tasked by clients to create an interesting and styled sideboard display within their home, for this I follow the below guidelines:

  • Remove all clutter
  • Add in a lamp for provide accent lighting to your display
  • Add in a stack of interesting books that reflect your interests
  • Add in a personal touch whether it be a framed photograph or sentimental trinket
  • Add in a vase of tall fresh flowers or plant to add height


Focus on an asymmetric rather than symmetrical structure with your display. The key is to maintain balance. Should you wish to showcase a beautiful mirror or a piece of large artwork, remember to ensure the lamp is of similar size rather than displaying a small lamp that is out of proportion.

Find a new home for the other objects you removed.

Sit back, switch on the lamp and enjoy your new stylish display!


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