How to style around your gamer guy or woman!

Consoles, PC towers, huge TVs, trailing wires and other gaming paraphernalia cluttering up your interior style? Does this sound familiar? If so you probably have a gamer in your house.


Like myself, you may find it a constant struggle to maintain a balance between a beautifully styled room whilst also keeping your resident gamer happy. Unless you are lucky enough to have a dedicated gaming room, having to incorporate these technological items can be tricky. So here is a quick read post about how best to hide away or distract from those, often unsightly items.

Hide them away. Think about incorporating a TV behind some artwork or even some replica shutters. Utilise TV stands with drawers to put away the gaming cases, controllers and headsets. Use decorative boxes under a coffee table to contain the wireless keyboards and mouse controller.


Distract the eye. Think about drawing the eye away from the problem area by showcasing a beautiful piece of art nearby or display some seasonal flowers and interesting art books to bring  focus on the display rather than the shelves filled with game cases and often DVD cases too! Try installing floating shelves on the wall above your TV, styled correctly it will draw the eye upwards and away from the offending television.

In my own home I use a lovely wicker basket filled with soft throws placed in front of the PC tower. Effective and also a lovely and practical way to home my throws and additional scatter cushions.

Fake it. One of the more ingenious methods would be to use empty hardback book cover to slot over the game console, satellite box or even your WiFi router. This method cleverly hides away the object is easy to do. Just ensure you find the correct size cover!


Or alternatively embrace the technology with an impressive entertainment unit which not only can serve as a feature piece but also is able to house all the consoles in an aesthetically pleasing way.


Whatever you choose, here’s hoping you manage to strike to a happy balance between your needs and your gamers needs!

Can you think of any additional ways? Let me know in the comments below.



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